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What we do

Thinking about joining MCC? Read on!

Organize carpools

Club carpools run every week during the school year on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. We have carpools that depart from the Cube on Central Campus and Pierpont Commons on North Campus depending on driver availability. Additionally, you can join our Carpool GroupMe to find rides on your own time.


To organize carpools, we have a system that prioritizes dues-paying members when placing people in cars. After the initial placement of people in cars is done, the club will send out a sheet that shows who is assigned to which car, and from this point on anyone can sign up for any open seats that are left, regardless of dues-payment. This system works through a Google Form that is sent out with the weekly email on Sunday, and closed every week on Monday night. The sheet showing who is in each car will be sent out Monday night weekly.

Run outdoor climbing trips

A Michigan Climbing Club outdoor trip is possibly the most fun you can have in a weekend! Once a month the club organizes trips to some of the best climbing locations on this side of the Mississippi. Our trip leaders manage carpools to and from climbing spots and camp-site reservations. They also pick out the best crags for new and experienced climbers, and bring all the club gear necessary for sport climbing or bouldering, depending on the trip.

After an awesome day of climbing we head back to our campsites for bonfires and good old fashioned fun with some of the coolest climbers you'll ever meet.

Host monthly social events

Thanks to our awesome Social Chair who definitely didn't write this, the club has some sickkk social events. If you've ever wanted to try bottle wrestling, make it a priority to stop by one of our parties. Our monthly social events also include potlucks, movie nights, and picnics. Keep an eye on the weekly emails the club group chats for information about these.

Student discounts!

Dues-paying members of the club get exclusive discounts for the semester pass at Planet Rock. MCC member pricing is $275, rather than the standard price of $310. You can buy the pass anytime in the first month of the semester. From then it is valid for four months.

Additionally, we have something called MCC Night at Planet Rock. 3 times a semester (not including try-it-night), University of Michigan students get a discounted day pass at Planet Rock. Rentals and day pass for $15! You do not have to be a dues paying member to get this sweet deal, just keep an eye on the emails for these dates.

Try-It Night

If you've never touched a rock before, this might be for you. This night is a great opportunity for prospective members who have never climbed before and are interested in giving it a try. For this event the club has exclusive access to Planet Rock, shuttles going between campus and the gym, designated belayers to get newcomers safely on the climbing walls, and discounted rates for gear rental. You'll also get to meet some of our awesome club members who volunteer to assist new climbers with putting on gear and performing safety checks. Try-It Nights usually happen once a semester so make sure you don't miss out!

Climb together at Planet Rock

Members of the club typically climb at Planet Rock on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-10 and Sundays from 10-1. These are the times the carpools run. Many people climb on their own time, so you can almost always find an MCC member at the gym.

Lead Class Scholarships

We know that climbing can be an expensive sport, and the club wants to help club members overcome barriers that might deter them from climbing. A big step for any climber is learning how to safely lead climb, but lead climbing classes can be a difficult financial commitment. If your financial situation is a barrier to taking this step, we welcome you to submit an application for our scholarships for lead-classes at Planet Rock.

Meet the Board!


Haddie Ketzenberger


Wow she just really really likes rocks!


Gordon Lewis

Vice President

Gets pumped after 5 moves (diagnosis: boulderer)


Camille West

Trip Chair

Aspiring Trad Mommy


Calvin Wong

Trip Chair

Dreaming to one day have his own crag dog


Haesue Baik


Claims to be a lead climber but has never been spotted outside the boulder room


Emily Pytell

Social Chair (remote)

Dreaming to one day steal Calvin's crag dog


Theo Meingast

Social Chair

Likes: 2000s pop hits, spray walls

Dislikes: olives that still have the pit

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